Chain of Alliance Launches Epic RPG Multiverse: Alpha 1.0!

• Chain of Alliance Launches Public Alpha 1.0 on Chromia Testnet Sigma, paving the way to become the premier turn-based, party-builder RPG multiverse.
• Strategic structural adjustments and bolstered its team to propel the project forward.
• The team is extending its gratitude to its esteemed badge holders for providing valuable feedback that has contributed to the refinement of the game.

Chain of Alliance Launches Alpha 1.0

Stockholm, Sweden, May 24th, 2023 marks the launch of Chain of Alliance’s Public Alpha 1.0 on Chromia Testnet Sigma. This milestone sets forth an ambitious journey for Chain of Alliance as it strives to become the premier turn-based, party-builder RPG multiverse catering to both Web3 and traditional players. A clear roadmap has been implemented with strategic structural adjustments and bolstered teams in order to propel the project forward and ensure success in redefining the landscape of turn-based RPG gaming.

Team Expansion

The company has added three seasoned professionals with a collective 21 years in industry experience; Lead Producer Nicholas St Louis (6 years), Game Designer Clément Fitoussi (6 years), and Marketing Lead Jorn Wisman (15 years). All three bring invaluable insights from their previous positions at renowned companies such as Sega, Moon Studios, Rockstar Games, Mattel, Ubisoft and Seascape which will significantly contribute towards establishing Chain of Alliance as a leader in this genre.

Exclusive Badge Holder Preview

Esteemed badge holders have been granted an exclusive preview prior to public launch where they provided valuable feedback that has gone into refining aspects of gameplay mechanics and features that aim to captivate both Web3 enthusiasts and traditional gamers alike. This community driven approach will foster a vibrant atmosphere for all who join this captivating world full of strategic combat opportunities .

Immersive Gaming World

Inviting players from around the globe into an immersive gaming world filled with innovative features is key for establishing a successful platform within this competitive market space.. As such Chain Of Alliance is committed to facilitating a shared passion amongst its user base through fostering an inclusive environment allowing them access into this new realm filled with endless possibilities built upon foundations of innovation & community engagement .


Chain Of Alliance’s official launch now marks a turning point in what promises to be an extraordinary journey through uncharted waters as it solidifies its position as one of the leading turn-based, party builder RPGs within this ever evolving genre . With great ambition comes great responsibility , so we invite you all along on our quest as we discover what lies ahead together!

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