Tax Breaks for Corporate Digital Investment Tokens in Thailand

• The Thai cabinet has agreed to waive income and value-added tax for companies issuing digital investment tokens.
• Thai regulators are driving crypto industry growth by easing regulations, including reducing tax burdens on investors.
• The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is also preparing to implement stricter regulations for digital assets.

Tax Breaks For Digital Investment Tokens in Thailand

The Thai cabinet has recently agreed to offer tax breaks for corporate income and value-added tax for companies issuing digital investment tokens. Rachada Dhnadirek explained at a news conference that companies will be given alternative ways of raising capital through investment tokens in addition to traditional debentures, with the government estimating that there will be around 128-billion-baht ($3.1 billion) worth of token offerings over the next two years. This agreement would lead to a loss of 35 billion Thai baht in terms of potential tax revenue for the government.

Driving Crypto Industry Growth

Cryptocurrencies have been gaining significantly more popularity after the Thai SEC started regulating this sector in March 2022 by easing crypto regulations such as lowering taxes on investors from April 2022 until 2023. However, last year stringent policies were enforced due to difficulties faced by the crypto market, including a total ban on using cryptocurrencies as payment methods due to potential impacts on financial stability and the overall economy. In December 2022, it was announced that new rules were being prepared by the SEC for companies offering crypto custody services with specific details regarding setting up management systems within wallets and ensuring safety of clients’ assets.

Future Regulations

The SEC is planning further regulation changes in order to protect investors and ensure industry growth remains steady. This includes introducing additional measures such as ‘Know Your Customer’ procedures which require businesses dealing with cryptocurrency transactions to confirm identities of customers before allowing them access or any other form of engagement within their products or services. Additionally, trading platforms must register with the SEC as securities business operators before they are allowed to provide services related to digital assets such as Bitcoin or Etherum coins.

Benefits For Investors

These regulations help protect investors from scams and other fraudulent activities while also providing a secure environment for buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies safely without worrying about arbitrary rules put in place by authorities or governments trying to control and gain access into people’s private investments activities without proper justification or consent from users themselves. Furthermore, these measures allow investors peace of mind when making decisions related to their cryptocurrency investments knowing that their rights are being respected by all parties involved in these transactions/exchanges regardless if they are domestic organizations/businesses or international ones operating within Thailand’s jurisdiction .


In conclusion, recent regulations imposed by Thailand’s Securities & Exchange Commission have been beneficial towards promoting safe investments while helping drive industry growth through reduced taxes on investors who engage with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum coins among others thus guaranteeing consumer protection rights against fraudulent activities while simultaneously providing security when making decisions regarding their private investments within this emerging sector where transparency is still lacking but slowly improving towards becoming more reliable day by day

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